An Answer For Anxiety

003_A_PhotoThings are tough all over.

Sometimes it feels like we might break.

Just look at what we’re dealing with: Ebola pandemic…The Enterovirus…Children in college disappearing…Mass shooting…The FBI Chief warns of impending major terrorist attack…Groups like ISAL/ISSA/ISIS (whatever we call them this week)…the Supreme Court punting on the issue of gay marriage…Unemployment remains WAY too high…Economic Inflation/Stagnation/Malaise…Politics and politicians…Religious Institutions in turmoil…Congregations declining…Conflicts within churches stealing live, love, passion, ministry…

Our personal struggles with Sickness/Illness/Injury/Suffering/Sorrow/Finances/Grief…
How can we take Paul seriously when he writes:  “Do not be anxious about anything…”

That has to be more than a platitude, right?  Because we need more than that.  We need an answer.  We need a solution.  We need to know how to deal with our anxiety and fear.

I spoke about this in the sermon preached on October 12,, 2014, at the Patterson Avenue Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. You can watch the video below.  A podcast can be downloaded at the church website:  Patterson Avenue Baptist Church Below the video, you will find a copy of the manuscript prepared in advance of the sermon. Whenever you visit a blog, be kind to the blog publisher.

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