An Atheist Parking Spot

Yesterday, this made me VERY angry. But I am better now.

I was in a nearby hospital parking lot. A member of my parish is in ICU with serious heart problems (sort of touch and go, if you know what I mean). The lot is full…but finally, a clergy parking spot open. Another car slips in the spot before I can get there…that’s fine. I drive by and say, “Hello, pastor!” to the guy getting out of the car. He looks at me dumbfounded.

“Where are you a pastor at?” I ask.

“I ain’t a f&ck*n pastor of any church!” he said.

“Well, you know you just parked in a clergy spot.”

“I don’t even believe in God. He’s just a stupid myth. Why should you guys get a special parking space because of you made up religion.”

Now, here’s what I have to say about that…

Atheist and others complain that we clergy types try to push our religion down people’s throats. I do not do that. If you want to chat about God, politics, football, etc. I am happy to talk with anyone…absolutely anyone. I love conversation.

Clergy parking spots are not really for the clergy. They are for those people in the hospital. Often these people are at death’s door. No, I can’t stop death. But sometimes I can bring a sense of comfort by sharing an awareness of God with the person near death – and/or their friends and family members.

Whether you believe in God or not is not the question. The question is whether YOU have the right to force your non-religion down the throats of anyone who is a believer.

Not all atheist are as obnoxious as this fellow. Many, in fact, are kind, respectful, and understanding. But many of them are very RELIGOUS about their none religion. They feel it is their responsibility and duty to force non-belief about what they do not believe down the throats of believers.

Maybe we can get the hospital to set aside a reserved parking space for atheist who are in a hurry to depress people nearing death.

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