Burning Out Or Rusting Out

I attended a revival where Jeana (my wife) was asked to sing.  As the preacher got up and began to get revved up, he started to admonish the congregation with things they had to do to be right with God.

“You’ve got to read your Bible!”

“You’ve got to pray every day!”

“You’ve got to attend worship and Sunday School.”

“You’ve got to give your tithes and offerings.”

On and I he went, giving his list of rules, regulations, and rituals that were required of the religion to be right with God.

Then he said something I’ll never forget.  He admitted that the list was long and difficult – that it required a lot of work.  “But I’d rather burn out than rust out!”

The first thought that jumped into my mind was this:  “Burning out or rusting out…either way, you’re out!  There’s got to be something better!”  (I had hear Steve McVey use this statement in a sermon once.)

There is something better.  Paul was not talking about a lifestyle of trying, but of trusting.

We are crucified with Christ, nevertheless we live, but it is not we who lives, but Christ in us.  And the life we now live is by FAITH.

We make it so complicated, but it is far more simple.  We trust.  We stop burdening ourselves with the lists, with the rules, with the regulations and the rituals.  Instead we learn to REST in the grace and life of Jesus in us.


Grace Rules: Living in the Kingdom of God Where…
by: Steve McVey
publisher: Harvest House Publishers, published: 1998-07-01
sales rank: 119204

Understanding the concepts of law and grace can help Christians live out their identity in Christ. By discovering how Jesus’ grace can consistently flow out of our lives, believers can experience a satisfying and abundant Christian life.



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  1. Tyler says:


    It doesn’t any more simple than this. You’ve laid it out so well. Thank you for sharing the gospel of grace.

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