What’s Your Plan?

Is there a formula, plan, or process for me becoming a BETTER Christian?

Or a BETTER follower of Jesus?  Is there something I DO to make that happen?

If so, why do I even need Jesus?

Is he just a template for me to pattern my life after?  And if so, doesn’t that lead to frustration rather than freedom?

Here’s my thought.  Paul writes to the Galatians, “I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I life, yet it is not I…but Christ that lives in me. And the life I now live is by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.” There are many other texts, by the way.

I have heard it said, “Jesus gave his life for me, to put his life in me, to live his life through me.”

Or, “I am not called to life FOR God, but FROM God, from the abundance of his grace at work in me.”

The point is that BOTH salvation and sanctification are WHOLLY the work of God. If it is otherwise, the Christian life becomes a religious self-improvement plan, which is exactly the kind of legalistic thinking that Jesus came to set aside for the truly good news of radical grace.

The notion that we can become a better Christian or a better follower of Jesus by self-effort is not good news. It is a formula for burden, duty, expectation, requirement, rules, rituals, and religion. Jesus came to set that aside for a better way. This means that ethics and morality are not a by-product of my self-effort, but rather that of realizing that I am not burden by rules that are outward-in.  Rather there is a spiritual transformation that has happened on the inside.

This is something even the Old Testament prophets spoke about with hope, like Jeremiah who spoke of a day coming when the law would not be written on tablets, but on the human heart. Our ethics, as Christians, must come from a different place than that old religious checklist.  It must originate in the awareness our acceptance/adoption by Father God, through Jesus, in the sanctifiying work of the Holy Spirit.  When that is the truth we grasp. then becoming better is not a concern, process, formula, etc.  It is a byproduct of the transforming work of grace that the Spirit mediates from the Holy Trinity.


Trinitarian Letters: Your Adoption and Inclusion in the Life of God
by: Paul Kurts
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EAN: 9781449709402
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