Christmas In August with C.S. Lewis

In C.S. Lewis’ book “The Loin, The Witch and the Wardrobe,” readers are taken to the mythical land of Narnia.  When Narnia is living under the authority of the witch, it is “always winter, but never Christmas.”  It is a land filled with darkness and despair, devoid of hope and without possibility.  Today our world is filled with many people who are living in winter, and Christmas never comes to them.  We who know Jesus have “glad tidings” to share with these people.  There is hope!  This world is filled with possibilities because Christmas really does come.  God really does enter the picture of human history.  It happened one day in a manger in Bethlehem — and it continues to happen everyday as God through Christ continues to come to us in the wilderness of our dark despair.

I know its August.  Still, I think it is never NOT time to celebrate the incarnation.

Hear the good news of our YEAR ROUND incarnation-proclamations:  God has enter human history — and God will do it again — and again — and again!

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