For RICHMOND, VA clergy, church staff, denominational workers, spouses, seminarians, professors (ecumenical)


I’m Building A Fitness Challenge Team AND I need 10-15 team members.

Each year the Gold’s Gym where I workout hosts a “Corporate Fitness Challenge. The aim of the challenge is to give business/companies/corporations the chance to try out their facility for an extended period of time (three full weeks) – in the process, develop some healthy lifestyle practices.

Last year I was allowed to form and captain their a team of clergy and spouses which we called “Clergy Gold. Team members gain points working out, attending group exercise classes, attending seminars, and losing pounds. Challengers compete individually and as a team.

Last year the “Clergy Gold” TEAM was the overall winner of the challenge (gaining the members several prizes, including an additional month membership at the church. Further, I was the overall individual winner (gaining me a year membership extension).

It’s time again for the CORPORATE FITNESS CHALLENGE and I am putting together another team – another WINNING TEAM. This team is for all CLERGY, denominational workers, seminarians, seminar professors, non-ordain church staff members, and their spouses. We are including clergy from all Christian denominations and traditions.

IF you would get healthier, workout in one of the best gyms in Richmond, and be a part of defending this team’s championship – I need you to contact me ASAP via private message.

Since I take this very seriously, I am requesting that members on my TEAM take it seriously at well. To that end, I am asking folks on my team to the following…

1) Accept as valid the conviction that our bodies and health are a divine gift and that the care of our bodies is our highest form of stewardship for the sake of ministry.

2) Commit to workout at least five days weekly throughout the three weeks of the challenge unless prevented by ministerial commitment.

3) Attend of the the several seminars that will be offered during the challenge.

4) Check in daily to the private Facebook group we will create to share your progress and challenges, while supporting other teams members in their quest to become healthier

5) Sample as many of the various types of group classes as possible. There are various aerobic dance classes, as well as SPIN, BodyPump, Pilates, YogA, and more. Try several and find what you like.

6) At the end of the Challenge, if you are so inclined, consider joining the gym and use me as the referral.

For my part, I offer the following as TEAM Captain

1) I have been certified as a Personal Trainer and will use those skills without remuneration to help set you up on the machines, team you proper form with the free weights, and offer any advice without my wheel house to help you reach your fitness objectives.

2) I will create and manage our private facebook page and keep you informed daily about upcoming classes and seminars available to challenge members.

3) I will provide any additional support and encouragement possible to help us all succeed.

Again, I take this VERY seriously. Some of you who have known me is the past remember when my weight was 267lbs, my waist was 48 inches, and my blood glucose, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides were all off then charts. TODAY I weight 191lbs, my waist is 37 inches, my blood work is in normal ranges, and I have the energy and vitality of a man half my age. I have won three challenges and a total of 20 month of free memberships at the gym by my active determination and commitment to my health and well-being.

I take this very seriously.

This challenge is NOT available at all Gold’s Gym locations. This is for Gold’s Gym WESTEND, located at 8904 West Broad, in Richmond, VA. The gym does provide free childcare. You will also have access to Gold’s Gym Midlothian and Gold’s Gym Arboretum

Here’s what I need. Send me a Private Message with the words: “I’m in and ready to go!”

Please include your best email and phone number. (This information will be provided to James Ashworth, our “go-to” gym staff member for our team (though all the staff are most helpful). I will add you to our private Facebook group.

Next up, you’ll need to visit the gym during one of these days to fill out your registration card, get you pass and info packet, visit the gym, and get your weight and body composition.

Thursday, April 16, 3-7PM
Friday, April 17, Noon-7PM
Saturday, April 18, 9AM-2PM

I need your response NO LATER than April 13th so I can submit the team roster. So do not delay. I think I have provided all the pertinent information needed in this note, but if you have a question, please let me know in a private message.

The dates of the challenge are from Monday, April 20 until Monday, May 11th.

This is an exceptional opportunity, please take advantage of it. Again, this is open to clergy, non-ordain congregational staff and lay-leaders, seminarians, seminary professors, and denominational workers (and spouses to all of the above).

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