The “Confuser” Wants To Give You A Case Of Spiritual Vertigo

The sermon for 10/7/2012 at Patterson Avenue Baptist Church was titled:  “The Confuser.”

My friend Bill Winn from Richmond’s “Grace Community Church” shared a thought with me from his friend (and my favorite theologian) Baxter Kruger about how our enemy “satan,” “the devil,” “the tempter” works to distract and cause disarray.  Most of the time it is so subtle.  It’s just as word or two whispered into our ear to cause doubt – to befuddle – to give us, as it were, a case of spiritual vertigo.

The voice of the Father speaks:  “You are my child.”

The voice of the confuser speaks:  “You are NOT God’s child.”

Clarence Jordon translates “diabollos” as “confuser” – and that’s how the enemy operates.

But Father gives us gifts – scripture, prayer, and Holy Communion among them – as reminders about the TRUTH of God’s message and the LIES of the confusor.  That’s what this sermon is about and your can watch it right now when you click this hyperlink.

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