Easter 2012

Easter 2012 at Patterson Avenue Baptist Church featured a sermon based on Mark 16:1-8, titled “A Very Large Stone.”

Some folks thought I was talking about their kidneys! LOL

You can watch the sermon when you click this hyperlink now.

One line from the sermon that sort of sets theme is as follows:

“Easter is about more than just life beyond the grave. It is about life beyond our faults, failure, foibles, & follies!”

The sermon is a little less than 15 minutes long. Please watch, enjoy, and share any comments.

Happy Easter!


Oh, during the Lenten season and into Easter, I read a book by Will Willimon.

“Preachers dread the arrival of Easter, because these holy days bring the daunting task of finding new ways to tell the old stories everyone’s heard so many times before. But what if it were only we preachers who are bored with these stories?” asks Will Willimon.

What if people keep showing up at Easter because the story of God’s victory over death continues to hold power for them?

What if the point were not to capitulate to the culture’s insatiable appetite for novelty, but to tell the old stories faithfully, trusting in the power of the Spirit to make the text, the congregation, and yes, even the preacher come alive again in the preaching event?

With Willimon’s Undone by Easter pastors can face the prospect of preaching their next Easter sermon with joy and confidence rather than worry about finding something to say.

This book was a great help. If you preach – get this book. If you know somebody who preaches, get it for them as a gift.


by: William H. Willimon
publisher: Abingdon Press, published: 2009-10-01
sales rank: 92750


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