Evernote for Pastors

I have a confession to make; my life is a mess. I am a collector of information. I have way too many books. I keep multiple to-do lists both on my computer, in my briefcase, on my desk, in my pocket.

And I collect electronic files on everything. You want a copy of a sermon or seminar notes from way back, it’s on my hard drive … somewhere.

But then one day I heard about the free software program called Evernote – one of the top apps in the past five years. It has changed the way I store and organize information – it’s in the cloud, available to me on my laptop, iPad and phone. I’m actually well on my way to a more paperless existence; my office is much cleaner! It has been revolutionary for me.

Apparently I am not the only one. Pastor and blogger Ron Edmondson, along with writer Ben Stroup, has come out with an ebook walking pastors through the Evernote app and how we can integrate it into our daily lives to streamline everything from sermon notes to personal meetings.

You can get the ebook at Check it out!



Mark Carver is Director of Global Strategy for Saddleback’s PEACE Plan.

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