Facebook Posts People Seemed To Like For Holy Week 2013

Here are a few Facebook posts for Holy Week that people liked and commented on.  If you are not a part of my Facebook community, click here to join.


I see a lot of people who think they are tipping sacred cows…but all they are really doing is shoveling cow manure.


“The Bible’s aim is not to beat belief into you, but to invite you to believe through the surprise of laughter.” – Steve Shoemaker¬†– What surprises has God brought into your life that are just so GOOD that you are overwhelmed by the blessing – the kinds of things that prompt the kind of faith that expresses itself in laughter?


“It’s easy to tell when people are parroting the thoughts and comments of others rather than thinking for themselves. It’s obvious when you challenge them, expecting a friendly and lively debate, but instead they get angry, dismissive, and begin acting passive-aggressive. That’s a sure-tell sign that they have not -and that they are unwilling – to actually think about what they are saying. “Polly want a cracker!”


Hey, for all of you who do not believe in the Holy Trinity and that Jesus is God incarnate (God in the Flesh), please rip out the page in the Bible when Thomas looks at the risen Christ and says to him, “My Lord and my God!”


The cross was a place where God poured out love, not anger.  The cross is not about Divine retribution, but Divine mediation.


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