Project 2021: Our Future Story

What’s the FUTURE look like?

Only God’s know, right?

Well, certainly only God KNOWS our future!  But still, we can imagine what the future might be like.

The Patterson Avenue Baptist Church has be on a journey called “Pursuing Missional Faithfulness.”  It’s been a couple year journey of prayer, study, and reflections – all aimed to discover the community around us needs and to discern God’s call as to how we can meet those needs.  As we received a sense of God’s call, we tried imagine what our future might look if we lived into that call.

Project 2021: Our Future Story is our imaginary look toward the year 2021.  It’s a video report of the ministries that we think might be taking place as we become a permission giving, missional church.

Permission Giving – means that we will not force fit people into a template of traditional church.  Rather, we will open the ministries of the church to the passions of the Holy Spirit in the lives of God’s people.

Missional – means that we will take the attitude, posture, and mindset of a missionary in our community.  We will exist to reach out, build connections, care for needs, and declare the truth of God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ.

This is our future – God’s direction.

Click this link NOW to watch “Project 2021:  Our Future Story.”


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