How Did The Early Christians Even Survive? It’s a mystery…

Made a list the other day that the early (Book of Acts) church didn’t have:

Sunday School,

VBS (Vacation Bible Schoool),

Women’s Groups,

Men’s Groups,

Church Budget,

Church Council,

Constitution and Bylaws,


Education Building,

Fellowship Hall,

Nominating Committees,


Office Equipment,

Personal Committees,

Outreach/Evangelism Committee

Church Secretary,

Music Director,

Custodial Staff,

or (oh no) ANY Professional CLERGY (no pastor).

They had none of the thing we associate with what it means to be and do church.

They had none of the trappings of “modern day organized religion.”

So, here’s my question:  “How did they make it?”

“How did they survive and thrive without all those things we think are so integral…?”

It’s a mystery!

One Response to “How Did The Early Christians Even Survive? It’s a mystery…”

  1. Dan says:

    They operated in the gifts of the Spirit. And I believe they came together as a Body of Chris Jesus to worship and pray and worship and pray to the Lord in Spirit and Truth. Not to arrange the chairs all facing the same direction towards one person like only he has all the answers.
    No offense to the preachers.

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