Is Grace Enough

Read: Luke 17:5-6

It was a long time ago (a very long time ago, in fact).  Still the words have stayed with me for more than a quarter-century!

I was eating dinner with Dr. Don Musser, my favorite professor in college.  Later than evening Dr. Musser would be preaching my ordination sermon at the First Baptist Church of Ormond Beach, FL. 

I told him that I was a bit nervou.  He inquired why?  I said that I didn’t know of I had enough faith to be a good pastor.  He looked me straight in the eye and said: 

“The issue is not whether you have enough faith to be a good pastor.  The issue is whether God has enough grace to make you a good pastor.  Do you think that God’s grace is sufficient?” 

“Of course I believe that,” I said yes. 

He replied: “Then use what little faith you have to simply rely on God.  Let this be God’s ministry, not yours!” 

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  1. Dena Dyer says:

    I LOVE the Princess Bride (my hubby and two boys do too) and we’ve memorized so much of it. But I’ve never thought of Jesus’ baptism in this way. Thanks for sharing your insights–and I’m so glad you’ve joined The High Calling. We are glad to have you!

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