Jesus Christmas Wish List (Sermon Video)

What is on “Jesus Christmas Wish List?”

I know what’s on my list.  I know what my wife wants and what my children want.

But what about Jesus?  It’s his birthday, after all.  What is on “Jesus Christmas Wish List?”

I do not think he needs a new Ipad, Ipod, or Iphone.  I do not think he needs a 70 inch, flat screen, plasma TV, enable with 3-D technology.

What is on “Jesus Christmas Wish List?”

I’ve check HSN, all the infomercials, and the sales flyers in the local newspaper.  Still haven’t found anything that Jesus needs.

So, what is on “Jesus Christmas Wish List?”

Do you think he has certain demands, expectations, rules, rituals, regulation and requirements for you and I to fulfill to make us pleasing in His site?  I don’t…that would make him a celestial list-making, Santa-like figure.  It would regulate Jesus to be a guy “making a list, checking it twice, tryin to find out whose naughty and nice.”  Nope, that’s not it.

What is on “Jesus Christmas Wish List?”

Maybe his wish list is not for something from us  – but that we experience something God has given FOR us.

On the Second Sunday of Advent, December 9, 2012, we looked at Luke 3:1-6 while at worship at Patterson Avenue Baptist Church.  This is a very brief meditation (just six minutes) – because we had a great children’s program and baby dedications.  The aim of the meditation was to explore what is on Jesus Christmas Wish List for us this holiday season.

You can click this hyperlink now to watch “Jesus Christmas Wish List” right now.


Christmas Is Not Your Birthday: Experience the Joy of Living and Giving like Jesus
by: Mike Slaughter
publisher: Abingdon Press, published: 2011-08
ASIN: 1426727356
EAN: 9781426727351
sales rank: 12460
price: $6.82 (new), $6.15 (used)

Every year, we say we’re going to cut back, simplify, and have a family Christmas that focuses on the real reason for the season—Jesus. But every year, advertisements beckon, the children plead, and it seems easier just to indulge our wants and whims. Overspending, overeating, materialism, and busyness rob us of our peace and joy and rob Jesus of his rightful role as the center of our celebration.

This Christmas, cut through the hype that leaves you exhausted and broke at the end of the year. Instead, experience the peace of knowing that God is truly with us, the joy of giving sacrificially, and the love of a Savior who gave everything he had for us. In five short, engaging chapters, Pastor Mike Slaughter inspires readers to approach Christmas differently, and be transformed in the process.

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