Lavish Love – Audio & Video

The Sunday sermon at The Patterson Avenue Baptist Church on November 20, 2011, was based on Ephesians 1:15-23.  The title of the sermon is “Lavish Love.”

If you would like to watch the sermon, you are invited to CLICK THIS LINK NOW!  The link will open a new window and you see a neat intro followed by the sermon.  There is a little static early on (about 10 second or so).  As we get better acquainted with the camera and software, we’ll do a better job with the production value.  That said – this is a great addition to our congregation’s desire to be a part of taking the gospel to the “uttermost parts of the earth.”

If you’d like to listen to the sermon, rather than watch the video – you can do that, too.  Simple CLICK THIS LINK and a separate window will open and you can listen online.  You’ll also have the option of downloading to listen to later.

Have a terrific holiday week!

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