Leadership Network: The Characteristics of Modern, Large Churches

The Leadership Network has just released its findings from a survey of some of America’s largest churches. They’ve spelled out some of the common strengths and characteristics of them. Some are surprising, some are not…

These churches are wired.
Multisite interest has grown dramatically.
Growth is steady.
The leader at the helm makes all the difference.
Worship options extend beyond Sunday morning.
They are both big and small.
They have a high view of their own spiritual vitality.
Newcomer orientation is constant.
The dominant identity is “evangelical.”
The vast majority do not have serious financial struggles.
Staffing costs are comparable to those of other churches.
They are not independent.

Large doesn’t always equal healthy (which is the real goal), but it’s rather difficult to become large without being healthy. Therefore, learn what you can from this list and be sure to check out the whole article.

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