Live a Life of Thanksgiving

This morning I tweeted:

Good morning! Instead of 1 day of Thanksgiving, how about living a life of thanksgiving?

That’s because I believe as Marcus Tullius Cicero has been quoted as saying:

A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.

An unthankful person complains. A thankful person compliments.

An unthankful person discourages those around her. A thankful person encourages those around her.

An unthankful person hoards because he thinks he doesn’t have enough. A thankful person gives.

An unthankful person selfishly pushes her own agenda ahead of others. A thankful person selflessly puts others first.

An unthankful person lacks compassion. A thankful person recognizes he wouldn’t be where he is today without the help and has compassion on others who are in need.

An unthankful person disrespects the gifts she’s been given. A thankful person stewards well the gifts she’s been given.

An unthankful person may lie, cheat or steal to get what he thinks he deserves. A thankful person respects the rights of the people around him.

This is why starting each day with gratitude sets the tone for your entire day and therefore also sets the tone for your entire life.

How does gratitude affect your day?

Are you willing to commit to making every day a day of thanksgiving no matter what circumstances you’re in?

Source: Live Intentionally.

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