Missional Grace

God’s mission is that every human being in the world discover the joyful truth that in Christ they are reconciled – liked, loved, accepted, included, and adopted into the fellowship of God.  Along with that discovery comes an invitation to faith.  We declare the Gospel of grace.  We say, “You are eternally and wonderfully loved by God and you are forgiven and accepted through Jesus Christ, SO give your life over to that joyful blessing through faith.”

That’s God’s mission.  “God was in Christ, reconciling the world…”

The next truth I want Patterson Avenue Baptist to discover is that God intends for the church to become the extension of God’s mission in the world.  As one theologian has said, “God’s church does not have a mission.  God’s mission has a church.”

“God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself…and God has committed to us (the church) the ministry of reconciliation…we are Christ’s Ambassadors: God making his appeal through us!”

God’s Mission starts with God’s grace for the world.  This sermon can be viewed when you click this hyperlink to watch “Missional Grace.”

We are ON GOD’S MISSION WITH GOD.  We are God’s missionaries in the here and now – at this time and in this place.

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