Becoming A Missional Church

We have begun our journey toward the year 2021.

Patterson Avenue Baptist Church has asked the question:  What might our congregation look like in the year 2021 if we live into our sense of God’s calling.  We’ve answered that question with a prophetic and imaginary look into the future – producing a video report to the church that you can view when you click here, now.

Part of this video contains reports of future ministries.

Part of it contains the basic theological material that will serve as our foundation moving forward.

Our aim (our sense of calling) is to become more missional.

That word is defined in the sermon.  It basically means that we see ourselve as “missionaries” in a foreign culture, because that is really what the church has become (is becoming) in the western world.  So, we want to see ourselves and increasingly become people who are “On God’s Mission With God.”

Source material for these sermons include links to sermon and worship resources from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship; a sermon collection edited by Chuck Bugg (a former pastor); and information gleaned from our congregation’s two year journey that led to the launch of “Project 2021.”

What does is mean to become a “missional faith community?”  We  start addressing that today!  Watch the sermon right now when you click the following hyperlink:  “Becoming a Missional Church.”

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