Not Enough Booze

Have you ever attended a party where they ran out of booze?

Jesus did!  He attended a wedding feast in Cana where there was “not enough booze”

The keg was tapped out, the open bar became a closed bar, the rum bottles ran dry – there was not enough booze.

It was a major foax pa to throw a wedding feast were there was not enough booze

So Jesus fixed the problem…He turned water into wine.  Jesus, you see, loved a good party, gave people a reason to celebrate, in fact, Jesus was and remains the life of the party.

Watch the sermon “Not Enough Booze” based on John 2:1-11 and feel free to comment on Facebook.  Click this link now to watch the sermon “Not Enough Booze” from our church website at Patterson Avenue Baptist Church.

You may also watch it via Youtube with the embeded projector below





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