Old Man

baavla, the charmer

Recently I visit a member of my church, Patterson Avenue Baptist in Richmond, Virginia, who is in a  nursing home near the church building.  The residents were gathered in a big room and being entertained by a lively  trio of 70-something women, each dressed to the hilt in flashy (gaudy) garb, singing songs from the 1950’s to these 80-90 year old care-facility residents.  One old man was grinning from ear-to-ear as he watched the women perform.

After my visit, I was leaving the facility at the same time as these ladies.  I said, “I worry about when I am in a facility like this.  What kinds of music will entertainers like yourself sing to me when I am an old man and they roll me into a big room in my wheelchair.”

“Oh, we have you covered!” one of them said.  “We already know, sing, and dance to all the ‘Lady Ga-Ga’ music.”

Somehow a long life is just not as appealing as it once was.

“deo semper maior”

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