I read this by a fellow named Jim Rogers.  Made me laugh.  We all need a laugh from time to time.

When I was a senior in college, I had a chance to take an elective course.  I thought I’d take one in ornithology; that sounded rather interesting.  I learned something the first day: that it’s the study of birds.  I didn’t know that.  It was a large class, a lecture hall of about 800 people.  The man teaching this course was a good teacher, and he warned us that on the final exam we’d have to identify birds.  Well that seemed fair; after all it was a course in ornithology.  But when we got the test, all it was was 28 pages of pictures of birds’ feet.  Twenty-eight pages!

After the test, I went to his office to complain.  I was the ninth guy in line.  By the time I got in there, you could tell he’d already heard enough.  He said to me, “I don’t know who you are.  I don’t care.  But if you’re here to complain about that test, save it.  It’s a fair test.  I’ve given it many years, and if I hear one negative word out of your mouth, I’m writing down your name and I’m reporting you to the dean.”  I said, “Well, sir, it was a great course, very interesting, very informative, but I did think the test was a bit unusual.”  He said, “I’m warning you, not another word.”

Then suddenly I felt out of control.  I could feel my emotions using me rather than me using them.  I said to him, “Fine, you want to hear the truth?  That’s the most stupid test I’ve ever taken.  I don’t know how a grown adult had the nerve to give that to a group of college students.  If I were you, I’d be ashamed of myself.”  He said, “That did it.  Man, that did it.  What’s your name?”  So I held up my foot, and I said to him, “You tell me.”


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