Dumb, Silly, Foolish, Ridiculous Questions

Many years ago, I started a collection of ” stupid questions.  It started when my son, Michael (now age 17) was just a little kid.

I looked for a moment to the back seat of the car as we prepared to take a trip.  There he was, stretching as far as he could out of his car seat, doing something rather disgusting.


I said:  “Michael, why are you licking the window?”


It dawned on my wife and I that those words may have never been put together in that order to ask such a question.


Since then, I began collecting unusual questions.  Some are silly.  Some are stupid.  Some are funny.  Other are the kind of questions that cause you to put your hand on your chin, and say:  “Hmmmm!”


Here are some example:


What do you ship Styrofoam in?

Is a part-time band leader a semi-conductors?

What happens is you get scared half to death – twice?

How long is a piece of string?

Who really did let the dogs out?

What was the best thing BEFORE sliced bread?

If Barbie is popular, why do you have to buy her friends?




These are the kinds of questions that make you say: “Hmmmm!”


“I had a teacher, once, who said:  There is no such thing as a dumb question.  He was wrong!”


You see, there are lots of people who ask questions simple to try and trick, trap, discredit, or embarrass others.  Those kinds of questions are dumb.


These are the kinds of question we see brought to Jesus in Luke 20.  The various political and religious groups of the day all lined up to try to trip Jesus up with their games fo verbal gymnastics.


This week I will share several posts about  these dumb questions and how Jesus dealt with all this silliness.

Next, we will talk about the kinds of questions that Jesus always accepts.

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Society has been raised to believe that there are no dumb questions and the only dumb question is the one not asked. However, just when you thought you heard the dumbest, most ludicrous question someone takes it down to the next level with their sheer stupidity. Get ready to get entertained with The World’s Dumbest Questions!


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