The Power of Release

Your speech affects others. If you speak with anger and bitterness, others will feel your anger and bitter attitude. If you speak with unforgiving phrases toward those who you feel have slighted you, that hurt will be accentuated and aggravated. What you say and how you say it will bring those around you down into grief, sorrow, and misery…for a time. Eventually, they will move on into new places among those who speak life, love, and joy.

But what about you? You will still be there with your old miserable self. And the cumulative impact of your constant anger, bitterness, and ungracious attitudes will weigh down on you and destroy your heart. In time, if not corrected, you will become more and more isolated and alone. Those who remember you will only lament for a moment, saying, “Poor gal. She is such a sad case!”

Try this…learn to release your anger, hurt, and frustrations. Just let it go! Release it.  This is a spiritual exercise more than anything else, so you will certainly need the grace of a forgiving and loving God to make that happen. Fortunately, God offers that grace both for your benefit and for you to share as a gift. So appropriate that gift and share it with the world. Let that grace so influence your speech as to make those around you feel blessed and built up.

If you let that happen, you will find that love and joy, hope and happiness, and the people who share and need these blessings will be drawn to you.

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