Surf’s up for Jesus Longboard Classic at Tubestation

Tubestation, the fresh expression of church on the beach at Polzeath, recently hosted the 5th Jesus Longboard Classic surfing competition.

The Christian Surfers UK (CSUK) event in Cornwall attracted more than 70 competitors from across the country to compete in stunning conditions. A gentle offshore breeze and waves of three feet and over gave the long-boarders a perfect opportunity to show off their skills in the waves. The Classic comprised four divisions – juniors, women’s, masters and open – with a prize purse of £1,000.

Tubestation has played host to the competition for the past five years and a surfers’ blessing has already become a popular tradition at the event. After breakfast one morning, all the surfers were given garlands of flowers as they listened to live music by singer songwriter Gareth Logan and a talk from Rich Balding of surf company Nineplus. Rich told how Jesus has given his life meaning and significance. Kris Lannen of Tubestation then prayed a blessing over the surfers and the competition was back on.

Contest director Johnny Hillman of CSUK thanked God for the Classic, saying it was a highlight of the competition calendar,

The thing that makes this contest is the great vibe and sportsmanship showed by each and every one of the competitors.

CSUK added,

The Tubestation is a fantastic place to hang out between heats. It really shows how a church can serve the community around it.


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