My New Sweater

I bet you know what this feels like.

You go to a mall and shop in a major department store.  You make your way through electronics, housewares, appliances, and so forth.  As you do, you re approached by numerous salespersons.  Their attempt to get your business is almost always the same.

“Can I help you with something?”

“No, I’m just looking!”

It’s repeated over and over again in each department.

“Can I help you with something?”

“No, I’m just looking!”

On a recent visit, however, things were a bit different.  I went into one store, looking for a new sweater for the approaching winter season.  A young saleswoman watch me for a few moments, then she approached me.  I expected the same song and dance routine, but she surprised me.

“Hold it right there for a moment,” she said.

She left for about 30 seconds, only to return with a baby blue sweater vest.

“This really brings out your attractive blue eyes!”

I now own that sweater!


Perry Ellis Men’s Long Sleeve Solid Quarter Zip Sweater, Oatmeal Heather, Large
publisher: Perry Ellis Men’s Sportswear
EAN: 0094832386296
price: $39.99 (new)

Solid quarter zip, herringbone textured placket and collar

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