The Baptizer – Video

On Sunday, 12/16/2013, at the Patterson Avenue Baptist Church, we celebrated the ordinance of baptism, dedicated a young baby to the Lord’s care and grace, and heard the choral anthem celebrations prepared by our adult choir.

After all that inspirational fun and festivity, I cast aside my prepared notes and spoke about John the Baptizer for about 10 minutes.  Here’s what I felt God inspired me to say…



John the Baptizer: A Novel
by: Brooks Hansen
publisher: W. W. Norton & Company, published: 2009-06-24
ASIN: 0393069478
EAN: 9780393069471
sales rank: 602796
price: $2.89 (new), $0.01 (used)
A vivid, moving, and unprecedented biographical saga of John the Baptist.

Traditionally, John the Baptist is seen as little more than an opening act—“the voice crying in the wilderness”—in the great Christian drama. In presenting the epic of John’s life, novelist Brooks Hansen draws on an extraordinary array of inspirations, from the works of Caravaggio, Bach, and Oscar Wilde to the histories of Josephus, the canonical gospels, the Gnostic gospels, and the sacred texts of those followers of John who never accepted Jesus as Messiah: the Mandeans.

Gripping as literary historical fiction, and fascinating as a diligent exploration of ancient and modern sources, this book brings to eye-opening life the richly textured world—populated by the magnificently sordid, calculating, and reckless Herods, their families, and their courts—into which both John and Jesus were born. John the Baptizer is a captivating tapestry of power and dissent, ambition and self-sacrifice, worldly and otherworldly desire, faith, and doubt.


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