The Founder of the “Occupy” Movement

I heard about a fellow who was the originator of the “Occupy” movement we hear so much about.

He started his occupation on a proverbial soapbox not far from the political and corporate places of power and influence in his own nation.

He rallied those in high places who abused power, wealth, and privilege.

About wealth abuse, he said that those with great wealth usually got it way by “selling the needy and righteous.”

In other words, injustice and oppression.  Sheesh!  Same old trite stuff!

He challenged the rich to use wealth  protect and support their poor neighbors.

What a bleeeding heart liberal!

About the abuse of power and position, he complained that they pushed aside the humble, and enjoyed the “fruit” of taxes or fines.

Doesn’t he know that tax breaks for the rich produce jobs – and tax increases on the poor produces character? 

He was pretty specific about the evils of theluxury enjoyed by the rich at the expense of the poor.

He rallied against their ivory decorations, choice meat, music, wine and oils.

Well, if they earned it, what not enjoy it, right?

He dared to say that God would not tolerate such distortions of basic societal covenant.

But God favors the rich – that’s why they are rich, right?

He said that the rich rulers of commerce and politics were corrupt and that the ruin of the nation was certain if things did not turn around.

Wait a minute?  Its more cut and dried than that.  The only corrupt are the liberals, right?  What’s this guy talking about?  Is he saying that all ends of the spectrum have some blame.

Before we say to this founder of the “Occupy Movement”…

“Take a bath!”  “Get a job!”  “You’re lazy!”  or stuff like that, we’d better know who you are talking too, eh?

His name was AMOS.  There is a book with his story in the Hebrew Bible.

Read it.

He said, “Let’s justice roll down like the waters…!”

What do you mean, JUSTICE?  I give canned goods to the Food Bank and put in $100 when I see the Salvation Army!  I am a charitable giver.

“I’m just saying…”

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