Today Do Something Amazing

Not sure who wrote this…it might have be me, but I think I heard it sometime in the past.  In any event, I found it scribbled on a note in an old file and it got me to thinking that my days are pretty routine.  It’s time to kick it up a notch and do something amazing.

Today  say the name of Jesus out loud, so that someone who will be shocked to hear Jesus’ name can hear it. 

 Tell someone what Christ means to you. 

 Write a letter like you have never written before. 

 Send a note to a relative who isn’t a Christian telling them that Jesus has accepted them by grace, now they should respond to that acceptance with faith. 

Go somewhere quiet and pray.  Stay there and pray all day long if you can.  Stay there and pray all day long even if you think you can’t.  Pray more than an ordinary prayer.  Pray that God will cleanse you of everything that is not love for Jesus.

Speak an extravagant word of love to your parents or a teacher or a friend.  Look for words so lavish that their face and yours will turn red. 

Do something for your community you have never done.  Pick something that frightens you. 

Throw a party for someone for no reason at all.  When they ask why tell them you are thanking God for sending them your way. 

Stand up for someone who is always being put down.  Say it boldly, that’s enough. 

Tell somebody who always seems to put others down that they should stop.  They might not ever know the harm they are causing unless you are friend enough to tell

Speak to someone at work you have gotten used to not talking to. 

Tell someone who hates you that you love them. 

Sell something valuable in your possession give the money to the poor. 

Increase your offerings to the church.  Give more than a sensible amount. 

Take an entire day this week and go door to door in your community.  Tell you neighbors about Jesus.  Let them see how he has changed your life.  Invite them to church—and even more—invite them to faith.  Invite them to accompany you as you follow Christ. 


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