Watching The Weeds Grow

I’ve been watching the weeds replace my grass in the front yard at my home.  No matter what I do, I can’t seem to root up and do away with the weeds.


Discovered that some biblical scholars believe that the mustard plant Jesus made reference to in the scripture might be what botanists call “black mustard” — more of a shrub, really, than a plant. Sort of like a weed on steroids, it grows quickly and can be as large as six feet tall.  It spreads like, well, like a weed.  (Bruce J. Malina and Richard Rohrbaugh, Social-Science Commentary on the Synoptic Gospels [Fortress, 2003], p. 76).


Could Jesus have been talking about a weed plant?  On one level, it’s hard to believe.  In the parable, the farmer is sowing the stuff.  What kind of farmer is willing to sow weeds in his/her field?


But thinking about how rapidly weeks spread and how difficult they are to get rid of – maybe that’s what Jesus was doing.  The church seems so insignificant sometime – but when it really takes root, nothing can stop it.


At least that what it seems like from where I am sitting, looking out the window, watching weeds take over my front yard.

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  1. Chris Harbin says:

    It is definitely hard to root out true faith, but had not considered it in that way before. Thanks for sharing!

    • billnieporte says:

      Thanks for your post. Been reading your weekly sermons and find them very thoughtful and engaging. You ought to start a blog.

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