Final Sermons: A Message For The Weary (video)

Recent blog posts have been video/manuscripts of the sermons preached leading up to the final worship service of the Patterson Avenue Baptist Church.  

By this point in the process, people were getting tired.  They were emotionally worn out with the conversation of closure, what would happen to church assets,  who would get that picture or this piece of furniture.  WE WERE ALL TIRED.   Closing a church is a lot more work than anyone imagined.

I took that weariness with me to the text (Matthew 11:16-30) for the day…and the sermon below was the result.

Before you watch the video, I invite you to join me in a new project.  I am working as a Subscription Sales Representative for The Educational Company.  I will be doing lectionary videos for them starting soon.  Connect with us below.

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There is not manuscript for this message, only the video below.

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