21 Day Challenge

Read John 14:12-14

Jesus said that we would do “greater things” than he did.  Wow!  What a promise!

Ready to claim it?  Here are a few steps, recommended by Maxie Dunnan, with a few additions by myself.

I suggest that if you rehearse these steps for 21 day (the length of time for a new behavior to become habit) that maybe that will better prepare you to have the faith to claim this incredible promise.

Affirm: “I am MORE than I think I am!”

Here’s a prayer to engage in daily – often each day – to help you with this affirmation:

“God, help me believe the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it is.”

Affirm”  “There Is Something I Can Be and Do (but only in Christ)

Here’s an important truth to remember in regards to this affirmation:  “Jesus gave his life for me, to put his life in me, to live his life through me.”

Affirm:  “Father gives us the Holy Spirit & power to do His will!”

So often we face the new day worried about what it will bring us.  Maybe we ought start each day with the prayerful question:  “Lord, what do you want me to do today?”

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