USA Government Burns Bibles

“I’m Just Saying…”

There is a report out that the US Military burned Bibles translated in Iraqi dialects which were sent to soldiers for distribution to Iraqi citizens. Some (political radio talk show hosts, for example) used this for political fodder against Obama (the report came out this past May, 2009).

Fact check: The incident… took place in early 2008. Who was President then? 

Somebody confronted me on making this post.  Their arguement was, “So, are you for Obama, then?”

I respect our President.  I respect ALL those who have been our President.  As to policy – I agree with some of what President Obama has suggested – and disagree with other parts of his agenda.  My particular politcal persuasions were not the point of this posting.

The point is that the disagreements ought to be about issues of substance.  So should matters of agreement.  The presidency should not be built on a personality cult.  Nor should it be destroyed because some have an “anything goes” philosophy for defeating a political opponant.  Attacking the President for something the LAST guy did is wrong (and I am convinced that this right wing talkers KNEW better – especially with their vaunted staff of researchers). 

This whole idea was thrown out there because it fit into the whole “Obama’s not a natural born citizen” – “Obama is not a Christian” – “Obama is a Muslim” – “Obama hates America” mytiical narative.  It might destroy Obama, but in the process, it also destroys our sense of integrity as a people.

“I’m Just Saying…”

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