Free Andrew Murray Ebook – “Humility”

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I am blessed to have a wonderful trainer down at the gym.  His named is Wesley.

Thanks to his workout routines, I continue to loose weight, increase strength, and maintain control over my diabetic condition.

But Wes helps and inspires me in many other ways.  He reflects with me on my upcoming sermons.  He challenges me to consider other avenues of understanding the scripture.  He helps me workout physically, mentally, and spiritually.

He also puts occasion resources in my hands that are worth my time and consideration.  Today he put a copy of Andrew Murray’s book “Humility”.  After my workout this morning, I sat down and read about have of this document.  It is very inspiring and worth your reading.  I will be making copy for members in my church and will be teaching through its content starting this coming Wednesday night at the Patterson Avenue Baptist Church.

It is in public domain.  The sites that have it include instructions that we cannot sell it – but can only give it away.  So that’s what I am doing today.  You can download this PDF document here, now:  Andrew Murray_”Humility”

If you like this resource, you might enjoy this collection of Murray’s works:

The Andrew Murray Collection: 21 Classic Works
by: Andrew Murray
publisher: Waxkeep Publishing, published: 2013-04-27
sales rank: 19383

Waxkeep Publishing Collections provide history’s greatest authors’ collected works in a convenient collection complete with a linked table of contents. Waxkeep Publishing’s goal is to provide the most complete, and most easy to read collections in the marketplace.

The Andrew Murray Collection includes the following:

Absolute Surrender
Abide in Christ
Be Perfect
Daily Fellowship with God
The Deeper Christian Life
Helps to Intercession
School of Obedience
The Lord’s Table
The Master’s Indwelling
The Power of Persevering Prayer
The Power of the Blood of Jesus
The Prayer of Life
The Secret of the Cross
The Spirit of Christ
The Two Covenants
Waiting on God
Why Do You Not Believe?
With Christ in the School of Prayer
Waiting for God


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