How To Avoid A Blessing

Here’s how to avoid a blessing. Be bitter and suspicious.

Today I had the oil change in my car. When I paid, the company gave me a 50% off coupon for a second car oil change in the next month. Not needing it, the gal at the register said: “Feel free to give it to somebody else!”.

I turned to a guy in the shop and offered it to him. “I can’t use this. You want it!”

The dude responded, “I do not know you. Get that piece of s$&t out of my face.”

It was a free gift. A generous expression of grace and kindness. $35 money saved. He responded, “Get that piece of s$&t out of my face?”.

God has created a universe filled with good things and simple blessings. But we can miss them with a crappy, suspicious, negative attitude.

Compare this to the next guy who had just walked in the shop. “Hey, if he won’t take it, I will.”

“it’s yours,” I said.

“Cool! Thanks!”

He sought, asked for, and received a blessing!

Remember that today. There is a blessing waiting for you. It might be right in front of you. But you will most likely miss it with a negative attitude.

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