Weekend Headlines and Links

News Headlines

Egyptian Coptics Attacked, Dozens Slightly Injured – CNN
St. Paul’s Still Suffering Huge Losses Because of Protest Camp – Telegraph
Church Leaders Urge Scottish Government Not to Redefine Marriage – Christian Today
Queen Celebrates Anniversary of King James Bible, 1611 Translation is ‘DNA’ of English Language – Christian Post
Tea Party, Occupy Movements Fail to Capture Americans’ Hearts – RNS
$90 Million Budget Advised for UM Bishops – UMNS
Mormon Ad Campaign Seeks to Improve Perceptions – New York Times

Blogs and Commentary

How the Church Lost Her Soundscape – Peter Leithart
5 Reasons Christians Should Love ‘Twilight’ – Jane Wells, CNN Belief
How to Encourage Christ-like Facebook Behavior in Your Kids – Kristy Quist, Think Christian
The Reformed View of Regeneration vs. the Wesleyan Theology of Prevenient Grace – Ben Witherington
The Pentecostal and Science Promise – Thomas Jay Oord
How to Recharge Your Worship Team with Fresh Momentum – David Santistevan, Church Mag

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