Can You Raise My Allowance?

Michael Serving Food To The Homeless

Michael Serving Food To The Homeless

“Dad, can you raise my allowance?” my son Michael asked.

“Why do you need an increase?  What are you planning to buy?” I replied.

“Well, I do need to buy you a Christmas gift!”

During Advent we think a great deal about giving gifts.  Sometimes we even talk about giving gifts to God.  There are special mission offerings, gifts for the poor, final acts of stewardship before year’s end.  We speak of doing for and giving to God a great deal during Advent.

In reality, though, it’s like my son asking me to increase his allowance so he can get me a gift.   Everything we do or give to God was already paid for by God’s grace.  Remember that when you see baby in the manger or a cross in front of a church.  The gift of God through Jesus makes all of our giving possible.  We don’t give or do to earn God’s favor, we give and do because (through Christ) we have been favored by grace.

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