Let Them Get What They Want For Christmas

Every other year, the Christmas gifts under the tree in our home are limited.  We do everything possible to avoid the crowded stores, the hectic traffic, and the rude shoppers climbing over everyone and everything in site to buy that last gadget or gizmo that will probably break a few days after it is unwrapped.  It’s one of our family’s simple little ways to take our focus off the superfluous seasonal Christmas distractions.

It’s not that we become “bah-humbug” Scrooge type people at Christmas.  Just the opposite.  We want to avoid that sort of feeling.  So, when Christmas morning comes, we do not have a dozens boxes under the tree, but a few envelopes.  Instead, under the tree, our children find seasonal Christmas gift cards for some of our kids favorite stores, shops, and restaurants.  They love it.  They get to choose what they want – often at those “after Christmas special” prices.

Sometimes we just get them a generic bank  card loaded with a certain cash value.  Our son will get one of those cards to use for spending money on his upcoming band trip to Disney.  He asked for the trip as a combination Christmas, birthday, and graduation gift.

One other option is also a gift card for online services and resources:  games, books, music, etc.  Did you know you can get almost anything you can imagine as a Christmas gift from Amazon.Com?  If you want to avoid the crass commercialism of the Christmas holiday while still getting gifts for your friends and loved ones, avoid the stores and all the frustration is can bring and get a gift card.  Start with Amazon.  You’ll have a less stressed Christmas season and your loved ones will “get what they want for Christmas.”


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