Bottom Line Discipleship (video sermon)

What is the “bottom line” is Christian discipleship?

Is there a list, a set of rules, regulations, obligations, and expectations, or is there something different?

Could discipleship simply mean living with complete dependence, reliance, and trust in the Father – just as Jesus lived?

These questions are explored in this sermon:  “Bottom Line Discipleship” base on Luke 9:57-62, preached at the Patterson Avenue Baptist Church on June 30, 2013.


UNLOCK YOUR BIBLE: The Key to Understanding and Applying the Scriptures in Your Life
by: Steve McVey
publisher: Grace Walk Resources, LLC, published: 2013-05-18
ASIN: B00CW1J588
sales rank: 15644

In every quarter of the world where the Bible is read, discussion and debate abounds about how we are to understand various biblical topics. Church denominations have been formed, congregations have split, and friendships have been severed over someone’s insistence about particular ways to understand biblical texts.
This book will address that issue. In easy to understand chapters you will find a great key for understanding the Scriptures. Many people who have attended church and read the Bible for much of their lives struggle to make sense out of its contents.This book is written for them, or for the person who has just begun to read his Bible, or for anyone who is beginning to hunger to really understand it.
“Unlock Your Bible” offers simple help, so that the average woman sitting at home with her Bible on her lap can better make sense of what she is reading. The man who is committed to consistent Bible reading to avoid confusion about the meaning of verses will also happily use the key that is presented in this book. I want you to be able to unlock YOUR Bible, and know how to understand it and apply its Truth to your life.
This book focuses on a specific key that can unlock the door to a new and deeper understanding of your Bible. What is this simple truth–this key–to which I refer?
It’s this: We must read the entire Bible through a New Testament lens. To put it simply, we need to read the Bible with “our grace eyes,” instead of through the lens of Old Testament legalism. This book will explain in detail what that means and how to do it.

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