What is Freedom?



If there is one virtue in our nation, which we all would readily applaud, it would probably be freedom.  We would no doubt have some disagreements over certain social issues, taxes, the national defense, and whether McDonald’s or Wendy’s has the best cheeseburgers, but we would all probably agree that freedom is good.


“Freedom,” he said, “that’s why I’m proud to be an American.”  He was a wealthy surgeon in Louisville, Kentucky, who had hired me to house-sit while his family vacationed in Europe.


 He continued, “I have visited over 30 countries in our would and the freedom which we have here in the United States makes me very proud!” 


After making this statement, he then told me how to lock up the house for the evening.


 First, I would have to lock the latch, then I needed to turn the dead-bolt, insert the chain and then go to the bedroom and punch in a secret code which would activate a sound-sensitive alarm throughout the house.  After the alarm was activated, I would be unable to leave the bedroom without setting off the alarm and bringing out the Louisville police.


“Freedom,” he had said, “that’s why I’m proud to be an American.”


 As I left his home I remember being struck by the irony of our conversation. Here was a man who recognized and celebrated the tremendous virtue of freedom that was his birthright as a citizen of this our country.  Yet despite his birthright this man lived out his day-to-day existence in fear, not freedom.   Each night he locked himself away behind dead-bolts, chains, and sound sensitive alarms.  In a land of freedom he was living like a slave.


So, what is FREEDOM really? 

The Steps to Freedom in Christ
by: Neil T. Anderson
publisher: Bethany House Publishers, published: 2001-10-08
ASIN: 076421375X
EAN: 9780764213755
sales rank: 122146
price: $5.04 (new), $47.50 (used)

Contrary to the fairy tales, receiving Christ does not mean that we won’t have conflicts in our lives. However, we can overcome them because of our position in Christ as children of God. The Steps to Freedom in Christ helps Christians reclaim the promise of freedom that Christ offers all who come in His name. It includes a spiritual inventory to help identify and break free from condemning thoughts, compulsive behaviors, personal conflicts, spiritual struggle and despair, and any type of personal or spiritual bondage. The Steps to Freedom in Christ is a comprehensive process to help Christians resolve personal and spiritual conflicts in Christ. This smaller version of the new and revised Steps to Freedom in Christ makes it easier and more convenient to take the steps with you everywhere you go.

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