God of “Extravagant Love”

The sermon preached on July 3, 2011 at Patterson Avenue Baptist is available now at the link below.

As I prepared this sermon, the thought in the back of my mind was rather odd for a preacher to be thinking about.  The thought was this:  “I can understand atheism.  After all, some of the descriptions of god painted by many folks (even some staunch church-going type folks) simply is not worth believing.  I would rather be an atheist than believe in a God who is…

…Aloof, cold, some sort of distant impersonal force

…an Ogre looking down on us with anger in the eye and a disapproving finger in our face

…a Judge behind the bench ready to condemn

…a List-maker with all those rules & regulations

…a Bookkeeper with all the duties, obligations, & expectations

…a Karma god  – a god who gives good to the good and bad to the bad

…a Piety deity who is devoid of passion, joy or celebration

…a Philosophical being: the Omnigod, the “First Cause” or the “Unmoved Mover”

I’d rather be an atheist then to believe in these descriptions of God

What do I believe about God?  Well I believe in the picture Jesus painted.  I believe in a Triune God who character is best described as…

Extravagant Love (click the link now to listen)

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