Seeing God On The Highway

When Jeana and I were traveling, I saw an amazing site on the highway.

Right there on Interstate 81, I saw G.O.D. – I saw GOD on the highway!

Jeana was sitting next to me, sleeping while I drove.  I woke her and asked, “Jeana, did you just see God out here on the highway?”

She gave me one of those looks.

Have you ever seen God on the highway?

Click the link below to watch the sermon preached on August 19, 2012 from the Patterson Avenue Baptist Church

Seeing God On the Highway

God shows up in some pretty amazing places.  Where will you see God next?

Trinitarian Faith: The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Faith
by: Thomas F. Torrance
publisher: T&T Clark, published: 2000-11-06
ASIN: 0567292193
EAN: 9780567292193
sales rank: 73526
price: $56.68 (new), $53.33 (used)

Examines the importance of the Nicene Faith for Christian theology, cutting across the divide between East and West and between Catholic and Evangelical, illuminating our understanding of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

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