Going to Church

My friend Dennis Pethers asks an interesting, TRANCE-BUSTING question.

What’s more difficult, getting people outside the church interested in Jesus OR getting people inside the church to be interested enough in those outside the church to go to where they are to tell them about Jesus?

Oh, no!  We’ve got to get people to “come to church” we protest.  God is found at the church (the building, the location, the corner building).  Really?  You’ll have a hard time finding that in the Bible.

What you will find in Jesus is a God who is out there, in the world, involved in people’s lives!  And this God is calling us who are in the church to be converted from church goers to missionaries; from institiutional church-sitters to missional evangelist.

Click this link to listen now to ALREADY AT WORK, preached on October 9th at Patterson Avenue Baptist.

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