More Than Enough OR Jesus Theology About Leftovers

The sixth chapter of John’s gospel is a pivitol passage in the entire book. Throughout August and into September, I am preaching each of the passages in the chapter.

Today’s sermon is a followup on the message from two weeks ago titled Enough.   You can click here now to get a brief overview of that sermon and watch the video.

This weeks sermon asks the question:  What do you do with the leftovers?

John 6:12 sees Jesus instructing the disciples to gather up what was left from the miracle of the feeding of the thousands, so that nothing be wasted.

How have we sometimes wasted the abundance of God’s blessing and grace?

What should a church do when it is blessed with More Than Enough?

The last few sermons have resonated well with  Several folks have stepped forward to accept the call to missional living, in response to grace.

Next week (the 19th) the sermon will focus on John 6:16-21.

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