Shelter (Video Sermon)

If you want to come in, out of the cold…

If you want to come into the protection of intimate love…

If you want to experience the reality of God’s mercy…

If you want to celebrate the good news that you are forgiven…

If you want to find a resting place for your faith…

If you want to know the shelter of Divine grace…

Then come, find yourself under the protection of God’s shelteting wing



A Divine Invitation
by: Steve McVey
published: 2013-02-18
sales rank: 6954

From best-selling author Steve McVey (Grace Walk) comes the book that will bring tears of joy to your eyes. Joy caused by realizing how much God loves you just as you are. This book does more than just teach you. It will touch you in the places of your heart that need healing and joy.

A Divine Invitation will enlarge your heart and increase your comprehension of God’s love that goes beyond knowledge. — Neil T. Anderson, Author of The Bondage Breaker

Whenever I hear [McVey] has a new book, I buy several copies. You’ll feel that same way about Divine Invitation. — Gary Smalley, Author of The Language of Love

… a wonderful, indelible picture of just how beautiful, complete and even startling God’s love for us really is. — the late, Bill Bright, Founder & Chairman, Campus Crusade For Christ

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