Getting Past The Hurt When Others Have Wronged Us

Steve and Melanie McVey have written a wonderful book to help people who are struggling with the pain and hurt caused by some of the terrible things that have happened to them in their past. Specifically, this book addresses how to deal with those offenses (some big, some small) that are perpetrated against us because of the sins of others.

Melanie writes of being sexually molested by her grandfather when she was about six years old. Her grandfather took advantage of her “middle child” insecurities as an avenue for abusing her repeatedly for several years. As she approached her teenage years, he started to realize that what was happening to her was wrong – very wrong. She began to resent her grandfather. Eventually it turned into a full blown hatred of the man that revealed itself when she received a call from her mother that her grandfather was dying. Melanie responded: “Good! He’ll finally get what he deserves!”

Steve also talks about the pain of abuse. Steve admit that his abuse seems very inconsequential compared to what Melanie had endured. As a pastor, Steve had dealt with critics and spiritual abuses in the church for a long time. The church, as a place of grace and acceptance, has a way of attracting lots of abusive types who behavior would never be welcomed anywhere else. The church should welcome such people, of course…but attitudes and actions of an abusive nature ought not be welcomed anywhere.

The reaction to such abuses (the big and the small) is often to bury it. To pretend it never happened. To keep a stiff upper lip and move on with one’s life. Unfortunately, the pain is still there, under the surface, crippling our sense of wholeness, and waiting for an occasion to explode through in unusual and dangerous ways.

This book explains how Melanie and Steve (and countless others) have found the freedom in grace necessary to forgive the hurts that have been perpetrated against them. The authors also share a simple and biblical path toward acknowledging, forgiving, and releasing the pain.

Having experienced the same path in my own life, I can assure you that the Holy Spirit can use this process (and this book) to bring freedom from the past hurts in your live.

Readers will be inspired by Melanie and Steve’s story of how God led them along the way toward experiencing the freedom that comes from forgiving others. Readers will also be equipped with a biblical process through which the Holy Spirit can lead willing hearts to experience freedoms from their own hurts and pains.


Getting Past The Hurt When Others Have Wronged Us
by: Steve McVey
publisher: Grace Walk Resources, LLC, published: 2013-09-09
sales rank: 76195

This Is The Book That Will Free You From Hurts in Your Past

Melanie writes: I was a little girl of about five or six when my abuse began. My grandfather was the one person in my life who gave me love and affection. I was a middle child, so I felt like I didn’t get much attention from anybody, but my grandfather would come over and let me dance on his feet. He’d set me on his big shoes, hold my hands, and walk around the room as I danced. He’d sit me on his lap, and swing me around in his arms. I remember so many times just being held and cuddled by him. That was very important to me. I didn’t get that kind of affection from anybody else.

But then the time came when that stopped being the kind of attention he gave me. Although I felt very safe with him in the beginning, I came to realize that he didn’t necessarily love me because of who I was. He wanted to be around me because of what I was–I was a little child, and he was a child molester.

From that dark place, hurt evolved into resentment and eventually turned into complete hatred for her offender. It was only when she received a call from her mother telling her that her grandfather was dying and her response was, “Good! He’ll finally get what he deserves,” that Melanie saw how crippling her pain had become to her emotional and spiritual wholeness.

This book describes how she came to find freedom and healing in that place. Steve and Melanie have counseled hurting people for over forty years and have seen many experience freedom as Christ led them along the pathway you’ll discover in this book.

In these chapters, you will learn:

* How to recognize the effects of internalizing painful events that have happened to you.

* How to identify the hurts done to you that need to be resolved.

* How to take four biblical steps that will free you from the past.

* How to deal with ongoing emotions about what happened.

* How to relate to the person who hurt you.

* How to handle it when somebody continues to hurt you.

Christ alone sets us free and heals our wounds. “Getting Past The Hurt” is nothing less than a description of the pathway of grace that He walks us through to experience that healing. Many have found the healing they needed, and so can you.

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