I’m Just Saying…I Cannot Meet Your Spiritual Need

“I’m just sayin…”

Every pastor has heard it. I imagine that most every church leader (teacher, musician, deacon, elder, etc.) has also heard it.

“Your church is NOT meeting my spiritual needs!”

OR maybe you have heard this…

“Your church IS meeting my spiritual needs!”

If we hear the second statement, we are so excited. When we hear the first statement, though, we can feel like such a failure.

Now, let me suggest this…these two statements are two sides of the same coin. Oh, and that coin is counterfeit currency.

Here’s what I mean. The church is NOT designed by God to MEET ANYONE’S SPIRITUAL NEEDS.

Our spiritual need is to be made alive – to be granted access to intimacy with our Triune God.

The most inspiring of sermons can’t give anyone that miracle; nor cans an informative Bible study or a terrific music program or any other church action or activity.

The message of the Gospel is that Almighty God has already met our spiritual need of granting us intimacy through the revelation of love expressed in Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

God has already met your spiritual needs. In fact, ONLY GOD can meet our spiritual needs. To put such a burden on a sermon, a staff member, a song, or the collection of people who gather in a sanctuary, is too much to expect. Yet people expect exactly that sort of thing all the time. The purpose of the ministry of the church (its worship, sermons, Bible studies, etc.) is not aimed to meet anyone’s spiritual needs.

Our purpose is to point to the one who has ALREADY met those needs.

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