Daddy Issues

Everyone has “issues.”

The source for our particular “issue” is unique to each of us.

It might be your…Parents…Culture…Emotional Wounds…Traumatic Events… Experiences…Circumstances…Rejection…Circumstances of Abuse…Times of Neglect.

We all have “issues.”

Peter had issues…even after Easter.  Read John 21 to see what I mean.

Jesus worked through those issues with Peter.  He does the same with us.  That’s grace at work.

This is a “confessional sermon” – a recounting of how Jesus worked through some of my issues with me.  How he reveal Papa’s grace toward me, reminding me once again that I am LIKE, LOVED, ACCEPTED, INCLUDED, AND ADOPTED into the Trinitarian life in Christ.


The Trinitarian Father (Trinitarian Living)
by: Uri Brito
publisher: Uri Brito, published: 2013-01-16
sales rank: 412071

What does the Trinity have to do with fatherhood? What does King Solomon teach us about the role of kings in training future kings? How can fathers better prepare men to be godly leaders and faithful worshipers of the Triune God? And where do we begin to address this father-hunger problem in our culture? These and others questions are addressed in this 20 page pastoral essay.

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