J.B. Torrance’s Last Lecture

 “J.B. Torrance’s last comments to his post graduate students in the last seminar that he did before he retired. He said, what we need is not a new doctrine or a clear doctrine of the Holy Spirit, we need the Holy Spirit. What we need is not a better Christology, what we need is Christ. What we need is not Trinitarian doctrine, but a relationship with the Trinity itself and that is the difference. …We always run the risk, especially in theology and the church, we always run the risk of falling in love with concepts. Those concepts are there to be a pair of glasses to allow us to see, and understand, and know who God is and who we are in relation to God. So, yes, the bottom line, Jesus Christ is the center of everything, not just truth about Jesus, but Jesus Himself, and in Him, the Father, Son, and Spirit.”
Baxter Kruger,
The Big Picture,
A 33 Lecture Series
The Shack Revisited: There Is More Going On Here than You Ever Dared to Dream
by: C. Baxter Kruger
publisher: FaithWords, published: 2012-10-02
ASIN: 1455516805
EAN: 9781455516803
sales rank: 5337
price: $6.38 (new), $4.49 (used)Millions have found their spiritual hunger satisfied by William P. Young’s #1 New York Times bestseller, The Shack–the story of a man lifted from the depths of despair through his life-altering encounter with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Now C. Baxter Kruger’s THE SHACK REVISITED guides readers into a deeper understanding of these three persons to help readers have a more profound connection with the core message of The Shack–that God is love.

An early fan of The Shack and a close friend to its author, Kruger shows why the novel has been enthusiastically embraced by so many Christians worldwide. In the words of William P. Young from the foreword to THE SHACK REVISITED, “Baxter Kruger will stun readers with his unique cross of intellectual brilliance and creative genius as he takes them deeper into the wonder, worship, and possibility that is the world of The Shack.”

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