The Mediation of Christ – T.F. Torrence

“God love you so utterly and completely that He has given Himself for you in Jesus Christ His beloved Son and thereby has pledged His very being as God for your salvation . . . He has bound you to Himself by His love in a way that He will never let you go, for even if you refuse Him and damn yourself to Hell His love will never cease. He has acted in your place in the whole range of your human life and activity including your personal decisions, and your responses to God’s love, and even your act of faith. He has believed for you . . . Therefore renounce yourself, take up your Cross and follow Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Repent and believe in Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour.” T F Torrance, Mediation of Christ, p. 94


The Mediation of Christ
by: Thomas Forsyth Torrance
publisher: Helmers & Howard Publishers, published: 1992-07-01
ASIN: 0939443503
EAN: 9780939443505
sales rank: 182396
price: $12.16 (new), $8.59 (used)

In “The Mediation of Christ,” Thomas F. Torrance (Professor Emeritus of Christian Dogmatics at the University of Edinburgh) sets forth a devotional theology of the atoning work of Christ in: the mediation of revelation, the mediation of reconciliation, the person of the mediator, the mediation of Christ in our human response, and the atonement and the Holy Trinity. This important 2nd edition adds a foreword addressing the reality of unconditional grace in relation to “the integrity of the response we are called to make in repentance for sin and in acceptance of Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.” Also added to this edition is a new final chapter, which further addresses the centrality of the Trinity in the atonement.

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